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We provide care and assistance in both practical and emotional terms. We are a cross-communal organisation and are proud of being known as a caring, efficient and confidential service that can be relied upon.


The aim of Helping Hands is to provide care and assistance both in practical and emotional terms for everyone across the community, i.e. visiting or phoning someone who is lonely, shopping for the house bound, transport for medical appointments and much, much more.

Helping Hands has become known as a caring, efficient and confidential service that can be relied upon by everyone concerned. However, we are not a professional carers’ organisation. As we rely on volunteers, clients and their families should not assume that the support we offer is guaranteed to be available immediately.

This is accomplished by creating a database to connect volunteers from across the community to volunteering opportunities.

Each volunteer has agreed to help out in whatever way they feel most able, within the time limits of that person and after suitable briefing.

All volunteers have the benefit of their own support network from within Helping Hands as well as from outside professionals who are available when needed.

Helping Hands volunteers cannot administer medication to clients under any circumstances or undertake any domestic responsibilities.

We maintain the database of volunteers and clients and co-ordinate the help that is required by matching those that need with those that volunteer. If necessary, we liaise with the various professional bodies within the community.

Helping Hands supplements the work already carried out within the community by working alongside established organisations and by providing additional volunteers wherever they are needed.

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