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We always need more help and have many ways for you to get involved. You can make a difference to other people’s lives – from just an hour a week.

Also we are always looking for volunteers to help behind the scenes.

  • Befriending
  • Visiting the housebound
  • Visiting hospitals
  • Help with shopping
  • Transport
  • Practical help in the home
  • Sunday Teas every other month
  • Sensitive Help Line
  • Keeping in contact through the telephone
  • Accompanying to appointments
  • Community information Help Line
  • Home hospitality for students
  • Financial and Legal form filling
  • Bereavement Support
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As a volunteer, it is important that you feel happy and comfortable in the help you are giving to Helping Hands.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel that you are unable to continue with your present client and would like to help in some other way.

All volunteers are required to have a DBS check which can be organised by Helping Hands.

When visiting clients you are required to carry a Helping Hands Identity Card for which a passport size photo is required. This must be shown to the client upon entering their premises.

It is very important to maintain confidentiality at all times and also important to be punctual when visiting a client. Please phone both your client and Helping Hands if there are any problems in keeping your appointments.

If you know of anyone who wishes to help Helping Hands, please let us know.

If you feel you are unable to continue to help Helping Hands, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once you have established a relationship with your client, you can continue to arrange visits yourself. When you phone your client, always make sure you dial 141 before the client’s number, keeping yours hidden and NEVER give out your personal telephone number.

Please report to Helping Hands on how your visits are progressing on a regular basis. If a client needs to contact a volunteer, they can do so through the Helping Hands line.

If you hear of anyone who you think Helping Hands can help, please let us know.

10 reasons to volunteer
From a client's point of view

A sense of satisfaction that I’ve been able to help someone.

It’s just a really nice thing to do.

It makes my problems seem much smaller.

Friendship and learning about someone else’s life.