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It is hard to believe that we started Helping Hands in 2001 after an enormous amount of ground-work and a realisation that there was a need for such a scheme, with nothing more than a mobile phone and a wealth of good intentions.

Today Helping Hands is a staple of the local Jewish community and, with the commitment of our fantastic volunteers we continue to grow.

Helping Hands is here for the whole of the Brighton & Hove Jewish community and beyond.
We are a support network run for the community by the community. According to the dictionary, the definition of community is “a body of people with something in common”.

We currently have over 70 active volunteers and over 100 clients on our database. Since we started in 2001, we have helped with more than 20,000 requests, which takes into account our team of phone volunteers, who call our clients for a chat on a regular basis, as well as calling to invite them to our teas and events, and of course our volunteers who are out and about in our community helping with shopping, befriending, taking to appointments etc.

Run entirely by volunteers, Helping Hands is a reminder that in a time when the world seems to be bleak and full of despair, it is the seemingly small gestures that can make a big difference and that with opportunity and hope, almost anything is possible.

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