What is the makeup of Helping Hands?

Liz, Sarah and Karen work together on a daily basis. They liaise by email and phone with the executive committee, who they meet with regularly. We have a board of trustees who meet three times a year.
We also have the team of phone volunteers, our ‘tea team’, our drivers, including drivers for our bus, and most importantly, our wonderful band of regular volunteers, without whom we could not function.

What is the first priority of Helping Hands?

On a day to day basis our main concern is to find a suitable volunteer from our database, for the job that has been phoned through to the Helping Hands line.

What sorts of jobs are requested?

These can vary from escorting clients to appointments, medical or otherwise, helping with shopping, form filling, befriending and visiting the housebound, and on a more practical level, a little basic DIY and computer help.

How is Helping Hands funded?

We are funded by community donations, bequests and legacies and donations from other charitable organisations.

Is there anything that Helping Hands cannot help with?

We are unable to help with medical or domestic situations. We are not allowed to administer medication of any description, or do any sort of lifting of clients.

Do you only help the elderly?

Not at all, we are here for the whole Jewish community regardless of age.

Does Helping Hands work with any other organisation?

We liaise closely with the welfare officers of the various Synagogues, the Lunch & Social Club, Hyman Fine House and the Welfare Board.  We are also in contact with the local Social Services and Jewish Care.

Do I need to be a member of a synagogue to access your services?

No. Helping Hands is not affiliated to any Synagogue. We are a completely cross-communal organisation and here for the whole Jewish community.

What do you see in the future for Helping Hands?

We would like very much to continue raising our profile within the Jewish community, as we feel there are still many people who are unaware of our services. Meanwhile, we are continually evolving to meet the needs of the community, and hope that we do this with an air of professionalism and dedication.

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