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Helping Hands 20th Birthday News

As part of our ongoing celebrations, we sent a birthday present to members of the community as a thank you for all their help and support over the years.

On Friday 24th September a team of volunteers wrapped and packed over 200 china mugs with our logo on them and carefully placed them in bags along with biscuits, a tea bag,  glittery napkins, Helping Hands shiny coloured information leaflets, and our thank you note.


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On Sunday 26th September helped by our wonderful team of drivers the bags were delivered to our volunteers, clients and members of the Sussex Jewish community.

We also delivered over 80 cartons of homemade vegetable soup to our clients that day so it was a busy and worthwhile day for Helping Hands.

Another 50 mugs were posted to our volunteers and supporters who do not live locally, or who were away on that day.

We will also be delivering mugs over the next few months to the wider community to different agencies, organisations, and welfare groups that we interact with.

If you did not receive a mug and would like one please let us know and we will try to get one to you, we have a limited number left!


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We had a wonderful response after our “mug run”. Below are some of the comments:

We had a lovely delivery of soup etc. & a helping hands mug, it’s lovely, thank you so much, these deliveries are always so welcome, it’s such a lovely thing, you feel people really care. 

First of all let me congratulate you all for 20 years of being such a wonderful organisation with all the amazing work you do. We were very flattered to receive the beautiful and thoughtful gift.

We can’t wait to use the mugs.

Wishing you many more years ahead to continue with everything you do.

Happy Birthday and many more of them…

Thank you very much for the lovely mugs and wonderful soup etc. all much appreciated.

Dear Helping Hands, thank you so much for your lovely mug…   fine quality, so neat.

Thank you all very much for all the soup and information dished out daily! 

Many thanks for just being helping hands. 

As always thank you all for the delicious soup and lovely mug. 

Thank you very much again for the lovely goodie bag.

 I do appreciate it and thanks to the lovely gentleman who brings it.

Thank you for the lovely little parcel. Beautiful mug, very thoughtful. The soup was lovely and went down a treat. Thank you HH for all your kindness.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift of the mug and biscuits. You do a tremendous job at Helping Hands, I hope your clients are as appreciative of you, as you are of us, the volunteers!



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