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The areas in which Helping Hands can help are:

  • Telephone Help line
    The Helping Hands Help line is for people to call, whether in need of help themselves or just to refer someone. The line is manned by one of our volunteers who can help or pass a message on where necessary and we will call back as soon as possible.
  • Community Information
    This is for people who are looking for information with regard to the community, for example facilities available, group meetings, etc. This is the same line as for the above.
  • Elderly
    Visiting the elderly at home, befriending and helping with practical tasks such as shopping and transport.
  • Hospital visiting
    Visiting the sick in hospital, befriending and helping the families if necessary.
  • Visiting the sick at home
    Befriending and helping the family.
  • Legal and financial help
    For anyone needing assistance with form filling or if advice is needed to point them in the right direction, without legally compromising yourself. It must be stressed that NO direct professional advice should be given.
  • Hospitality
    To welcome new families and students into the area and to offer hospitality over chagim and shabbatot.
  • Bereavement
    To support and befriend, and to offer services of a professional councillor where needed.
  • Family
    To give support to families, for example parenting - young mothers with babies/toddlers, teenagers, relationship problems and other family needs. To offer services of a professional councillor if necessary.
  • Practical help in the home
    To offer basic DIY, changing light bulbs, gardening etc.

Should the nature of the problem be beyond the scope and expertise of the volunteer and professional, we would then assist by putting the community member in contact with the relevant specialist body or other appropriate support service, if they so wish.