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“It is sometimes hard to believe that we started Helping Hands with nothing more than a mobile phone and a wealth of good intentions. Today Helping Hands is a staple of the local Jewish community and, with the support of its volunteers and patrons, continues to grow. Run entirely by volunteers, Helping Hands is a reminder that in a time when the world seems to be bleak and full of despair, it is the seemingly small gestures that can make a big difference and that with opportunity and hope, almost anything is possible. Thank you to everyone for your continued support.”
Liz, Sarah and Liz.

A brief history of Helping Hands
In 2000 Sarah Wilks and Liz Shaw decided to try and set-up some sort of help for the community at large. They started with nothing more than a mobile phone and it went from there. Shortly after, they were introduced to Liz Posner who brought with her the community help line phone from Ralli Hall. 

Today Helping Hands has more than 85 volunteers who have helped more than 1,000 people. The first Helping Hands Community Bus was purchased in August 2008 and has become a very busy bus indeed!

Helping Hands is very much a community charity which is run by and for the community. If you have any ideas on other ways in which we can help or if you would like to get involved in any way, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Who manages Helping Hands?
Helping Hands is still led by Sarah Wilks, Liz Shaw and Liz Posner who, like everyone else involved in Helping Hands, are volunteers with "outside lives" to fit around their busy Helping Hands work. Through the years they have been supported by amazing volunteers, an Executive committee, trustees and mentors who have all made Helping Hands the service that it is. The rabbonim have been, and still are, amazingly helpful; as is the Representative Council and the generous friends and supporters in Brighton and Hove.