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About us

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...when you're in need of a little help:

  1. We are cross communal and work with the entire community regardless of affiliation
  2. We are a caring, understanding, efficient and confidential service
  3. We listen and respond
  4. One phone call to us does it all
  5. We understand that at some time everyone needs help whether it’s on a regular or one off occasion
  6. We can support and help you in various ways both practical and emotional
  7. We will tailor our service to meet your needs
  8. Our aim is to ensure that clients using our service are given as much information as possible
  9. We take great pride in everything we do
  10. We are a local charity

...when you're considering volunteering:

  1. You can do the small things that make a big difference, and remember a little time goes a long way
  2. Our aim is that each volunteer will have as much support and information as possible and we promise to respond to your feedback
  3. There are many varied volunteering opportunities within the community or behind the scenes
  4. You’ll feel good about doing something worthwhile
  5. There are many clients who need you
  6. You’ll be an integral part of the HH team
  7. Our volunteers say they get more out of it than they put in
  8. It’s an opportunity for you to learn new skills
  9. Volunteering looks great on your CV
  10. Day time television is lousy anyway