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Give your neighbour a Helping Hand

Our Mitzvah Day project this year is 'Give your neighbour a Helping Hand" - to be launched on Mitzvah Day, Sunday 27th November 2016.

The aim of the project is to help alleviate social isolation in our community and is in partnership with 'Know My Neighbour' (www.knowmyneighbour.org)

We are aware that some people in our community do not speak to or see anyone on a regular basis and are very lonely.

By giving your neighbour a Helping Hand we hope to change this so that our clients feel reassured that someone is close by if they need assistance or just someone to have a cup of tea and a chat with.

Some of the ideas on Know My Neighbour strike a chord with the ethos of Helping Hands

Like, what would it take for you to pop round with the occasional cake? Or offer to change a light bulb in a time of need? Perhaps even offer to pick up a pint of milk during bad weather? Giving a card over the festivals or helping them attend a religious service?

A common thread seems to be 'anything really that helps that person to know that they are being thought about and that they are not invisible or forgotten', a sentiment which Know My Neighbour hopes to put centre stage. By using our map showing the demographics of volunteers and clients, we can specifically match you with clients who live in your neighbourhood.

If you would like to take part in this scheme we will send you specially designed 'postcards' to introduce yourself, and drop through the letter boxes of your 'Helping Hands' neighbours on Mitzvah Day.

If you are happy to give your contact details on the postcard then please do so, if not you can ask your neighbour to contact Helping Hands and we will put you in touch.

We hope you will be part in this important project, please let us know by Monday 14th November If you are interested or not. Email: helpinging-hands@helping-hands.org Telephone: 01273 747722 Sarah Liz and all at Helping Hands

Message from a Helping Hands Client

"Fortunately my needs have not been great and of an emergency nature, but when there has been a problem my mind seems to spring to Helping Hands, where prompt attention, given in a warm and understanding way, has solved the problem"

How we started

It is hard to believe that what started as a casual conversation between four people would result in a Registered Charity with between ninety and one hundred volunteers, but this is what did happen

More than ten years ago, Sarah Wilks, Beryl Sharpe (Susex Jewish Representative Council) Rabbi Efune and Rabbi Collick were attending a choral concert at New Church Road, and during the interval were discussing the community, and they felt that what was needed was a support system to help people, especially those who were housebound

From that small 'acorn' a huge 'oak' has grown. Helping Hands is there for all the Jewish members of the local community.

Need a list for an appointment with the doctor, dentist, hospital? Call Helping Hands!

Would you like to go shopping but can't get to the shops? Call Helping Hands, they will take you! Is your sink blocked, is your computer not behaving itself, need a new light bulb fitted? Call Helping Hands

With the help of donations and coffee mornings we raised enough money to buy the Helping Hands Community Bus that can be 'hired' for use by private individuals, for example, to take a group to the theatre

There is no hiring fee, hence the quotation marks. All we ask for is a returnable deposit and that the passengers pay for the petrol. On alternate months, a tea is held at the AJEX Centre where everyone is assured of a warm welcome, tea, sandwiches, cake and entertainment

Our volunteers are amazing and are always willing to help. They are greatly appreciated by our clients

If you are interested in any of the above, or would like to join our team of volunteers, please phone us on 01273 747722 or email helping-hands@helping-hands,org Janice Greenwood

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JOB DESCRIPTION: Join a table of six friendly ladies and gentlemen at a Helping Hands Tea, pour tea, chat, natter and generally pass time of day
QUALIFICATIONS: A friendly personality, ability to listen as well as talk
HOURS: Once a month for 2 - 3 hours
PAY: A wonderful sense of well being for a worthwhile job well done, plus tea, sandwiches and cake
Please contact us and let us know your availability 01273 747722 or helping-hands@helping-hands.org

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